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Drought Conditions

Collin County, and much of Texas, is experiencing extreme drought conditions. While 2011 was the driest year on record for the state, 2022 is the driest year since then and the extended forecast does not show much improvement.

Our local water authorities have enacted their drought contingency plans to help ensure that water is available for critical use. Collin County MUD 1 is subject to the same watering restrictions as its residents. Until the region receives some measurable rainfall and the temperatures abate, we are unable to do much to improve the conditions of our landscaping.

Texas A&M's AgriLife Extension program recommends deep and infrequent watering for best results during drought. While the grass may turn brown, Bermuda grass rebounds quickly when conditions improve.

Please continue to observe the water restrictions and limit indoor water use where possible. Remember the following tips:

  • Run drip irrigation around your foundation and on flower beds.

  • Focus your attention on your foundation, trees and shrubs.

  • Hand watering may be best. Watch for signs of wilting and add water by hand as needed.

  • Do not use fertilizer during the extreme heat.

For more information on water conservation and irrigation, visit

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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