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January 2024 - Meeting Summary

January 15, 2024

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Collin County MUD 1

The Collin County MUD 1 Board of Directors will be continuing to provide residents with updates from the monthly board meetings. Due to a meeting rescheduling to accommodate the holidays, the last board meeting took place on Wednesday, January 3, 2024.

At the request of the Board, there was a presentation from Prosper ISD representatives to discuss a proposed site for a new elementary school that would be located to the west of the Cypress neighborhoods and outside of the boundaries of the MUD. As the proposed site is outside of the MUD boundaries, the MUD has no control over the use of the site.  However, the ISD is requesting road access to the proposed site through a parcel of property owned by the MUD and located behind the homes along the southwest portion of Switchgrass. The presentation outlined the need for an additional elementary school due to the growing Light Farms population. The Board posed questions related to other potential commercial uses of the location, the impact on neighboring MUD residents, other options for access to the location not adjacent to MUD homes, and the traffic impact. The Board acknowledged that more due diligence must be done to get answers to their questions and to make sure that all factors are considered before a decision is made. In the end, the Board voted to commence discussions with PISD for use of the MUD District property as access to the potential school site. The Board did not take any action regarding the access road alignment.

The next District board meeting is currently scheduled for January 24, 2024. Please continue to check the District website and social media for further updates and information regarding District related items.