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Tree and Landscape Assessments Began Today!

The CCMUD 1 Board and District General Manager spent this morning conducting on-site assessments of trees, landscaping and erosion issues throughout the Light Farms community.

Approximately 70 dead trees are slated for removal and replacement. The Board of Directors recently allocated funding to replace dead trees and replant some trees in other areas that had been removed over the last few years. The removal of the dead trees will begin soon and replanting will follow in late November or early December. Erosion repairs are slated to begin in early Spring 2024.

In addition to the tree and landscape replacement initiative that is underway, the Board, General Manager, and other consultants are working on an initiative to rehab the irrigation pumps and well systems and ensure continuity and reliability in the future. Although well water and irrigation can never replace rainfall, it is important to continue to invest in these aging systems and to add redundant systems so they can meet the irrigation demands of our growing community.

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