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As a reminder, residents of Light Farms are prohibited from installing or placing basketball goals (permanent OR temporary) within the Road Right-of-Way (ROW), which includes, but is not limited to, the road, the sidewalk, the portion of the driveway along the sidewalk, and the parkway (between the sidewalk and the curb). This action is prohibited by order of the MUD and is consistent with the City of Celina Code of Ordinances. Residents are encouraged to review the plat of their property to determine the extent of any ROW and public easements that impact their property.

The MUD has previously provided notice to residents of Light Farms of the prohibition on basketball goals in the ROW. Therefore, this notice constitutes a final warning to residents. Any basketball goal discovered within the ROW in violation of the MUD’s regulations could be removed immediately and without any further notice to the resident.

Additionally, residents are not permitted to paint or otherwise alter the ROW in any manner, including the road, curbs, and sidewalks.

Should anyone have a question regarding this, please contact the MUD’s general manager at

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